For Competitive Entrepreneurs: How to Crush your Competition in just 20min per day.

You hate losing, right?

So do I.

I would rather work 72 hours straight than to admit defeat, especially to my competition.

As entrepreneurs we are reminded daily of our competition and are fighting tooth and nail to get an upper hand and dominate the market.

Why do we want the upper hand?


Because we KNOW we deliver a better product/service than our competition and we have zero shame about admitting it.

Well what if I told you that you could start all of that in just 20min a day.

“Bullsh*t” you say?

Well then I guess you’re in for a treat with today’s topic “Thinking Walks”.

In the next few minutes of reading this you’ll discover:

  • – Why thinking walks can be the secret sauce to revolutionise your business
  • – What exactly they are
  • &
  • – How to use them to gain a significant advantage in your business to dominate the marketplace once and for all.

Thinking walks: How Charles Darwin became a Genius

“Why thinking walks?””

That might be a question in your mind right now

So before I tell you what they are, I’ll address a few key points as to why you should listen very closely when I talk about Thinking walks if you’re in this Entrepreneurship game to win:

1. Fitness benefits

Walking in general is a great way for you to improve cardiovascular health and burn a few calories.

If you have extra weight you need to lose and want to also improve your cardiovascular health, walking will do you a lot of good.

2. Relaxing

Most entrepreneurs experience a ton of stress on a daily basis, that is just the name of the game.

And part of this game also requires us to handle that stress. In the long term, we need to incorporate a productive way to do so – unless you want to, you know… become a little loco.

Walking is a great way to get some relaxation in your day while also experiencing other benefits.

3. Mental brownie points

If you go on a “Thinking walk” you’ll experience many benefits like mental clarity, the ability to solve problems you couldn’t solve before and regain a sense of control over your life situation.

We all know we need to take more time out of our day to think about what we’re doing and be a bit smarter in our often not-so strategic approach to business and life in general.

Charlie Munger says :”Go to bed smarter then you woke up”, so there might be something behind this idea of thinking more, you agree?

“WHAT the h*ck is a thinking walk?”

A thinking walk is when you go on a walk alone, no phone no nothing, maybe just a notepad and all you do is think.

Actually…. I have a story for you:

Back in the 1800s, Charles Darwin, the author of “On The Origin of Species”, used to go on daily walks with the intention to solve problems.

He classified them as “1, 2, 3 or 4 Pebble Problems”.

“Why the in the world?” you ask?

Because he would do laps on his “thinking path” and each lap he kicked a pebble.

Depending on the difficulty of the problem, he would do more or less laps in order to solve it – hence the name “1, 2, 3 or 4 Pebble Problems”.

So if Charles Darwin did it and he created the theory of evolution… we might want to take notes.


Steve Jobs, as noted in his Biography by Walter Isaacson, insisted his meetings took place on foot.

At Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly takes potential employees on a walk through the woods before delivering his hiring pitch.

Even Richard Branson uses this to get his exercise in and challenges himself to come up with his next “plan of attack”.

I think you get my point 🙂

Doing this for yourself will do wonders not just for your health, but it will also help you solve problems in your business and gain clarity on them.


I recommend starting with a daily 20-30min walk where you just walk and think about how you can improve what you’re currently doing.

Baby steps 🙂

With time you could work up to what Darwin did and do 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon/nighttime.

+ my personal preference is to add it into your day on the fly if possible when you get stuck on a problem you can’t solve or you need more creative ideas.

A few good questions you could ask yourself while walking are:

What is the #1 thing that I could do in my business that would make me gain an upper hand in the marketplace?

How can I completely separate myself from my competition?

What could I sell to existing customers to make more money and add more value to them?

What is the 20% of what we do that makes us 80% of our money? (80/20 rule)

Where are we wasting time/money/resources?


Thinking walks are a fantastic way for you to get more out of your day, propel your business forward and crush your competition.

You can look forward to more clarity and faster growth in your business as you incorporate these walks into your daily routine.

Time to make it happen.

To your success,

– Florjan Avsenek

Creator of The Health Domination Blueprint Coaching Program